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A one week training for young people Hike Jūrkalne – Užava ~ 42km Language: English, but with the possibility of translation into Russian and Latvian

Participation fee: 140 EUR (including workshops, food, accommodation, materials)

There will be sleeping in tents and cottages.

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///What does it mean to be truthful?

During our 7 day journey we will experience : Beautiful hike along Baltic coastline, the training of attention and perception, the art of mindful and deep conversation, the medium of art and play, individual time, meditation, exercises, conversations, small group work, work with nature, community building, meditative observations and many more activities. As a symbol of a shared development journey, the week is laid out as a continuous hike. It is guided and accompanied by an experienced, interdisciplinary team that has worked into the INDABA* practice for several years. ​

What is it all about? This world is true, it is real. And still we have to make our way through fake news, fake faces, a whole world of untruths and half-truths every day. Why? Why do we wear masks and change them according to opportunity and necessity, while we are thirsting for real people, real friendships and real selves? Can we at least be true to ourselves? Are the decisions and actions taken by us based on our true will? How to distinguish truth from reservations and lies? How can we ask the world for truth if we are still learning it ourselves?

Life in crisis (Covid-19, climate change, wars, hunger, digitalization of our relationships, separation, refugees etc.) is not a prophecy any more – it is a shared reality that we are living now. We all were affected by the crisis of Covid-19. How can I stay strong and independent in this challenging time where a lot of fears and anger are surfacing? What quality of community is existentially necessary so that we do not only survive crises, but that its “window of change and evolution” is not simply missed? So that we do not “get back in shape” in the old form due to this disease, but become whole on a new level. If you are ready to explore your true self and therefore this world, this is the place for you. More information on our web page:


* „Indaba“ in Zulu language means – I have something important to say to you. Most of us have forgotten the importance of storytelling and the power it holds for the future. All stories bring meaning and all of them are with coded messages to every one of us. For us human beings it is very important to listen to stories and to express our own, most importantly feel that the world sees and interacts with it.

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