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25th of June – 2nd of July, 2019,
With: Lasma Lidaka, Lydia Roknic, Rebekka Kreisel, Leonard Kokorevic, Jannis M. Keuerleber
Riga, Adazi Free Waldorf School (Latvia)

The purpose of the training week is to bring together young people, aged 18 to 35, from different countries, experiences, and with different life stories to talk about contemporary society and the role of the individual in it.

Indaba in Zulu language means – I have something important to say to you. Most of us have forgotten the importance of storytelling and the power it holds for the future. All stories bring meaning and all of them are with coded messages to every one of us. For us human beings it is very important to listen to stories and to express our own, most importantly feel that the world sees and interacts with it.

As a training the week provides a setting to uncover the most meaningful stories of our biography and culture that are preparing our future like seeds in our soul.
How can we listen more deeply, understand more profoundly and co-create a world that gives space to the potential we bring?

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