The Power of Stories

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26 May – 2 Jun; La Creuse, France

Mark, who participated in the INDABA week 2018, invited us to join this beautiful week of stories, myths and research in France! We thought you might find it interesting!

See for yourself:
I’m not sure whether we are living through a great leap forward or horrendous somersault backward with pike. What I do know is that there’s not much time to waste.

Cultural crisis – and we’re living in the giant, knobbled grandmother of one of those – can bring us to a standstill. What I’m proposing to do is to gather on on a hillside in France and raise a two-fingered salute to both ignorance and panic. We’ll then see what our fragile little selves can usefully do.

We’re going to spend a week with myths that have walked across centuries and cultures to meet us. We’ll let them expand our ideas so we can see our own way ahead more clearly. We’ll camp around the rough luxury of an old sheep barn, each night feasting, each night making music and story til we head dreamily off to sleep. We will do that for six days and seven nights. I’m completely giddy at the prospect.

Our signups so far include creative entrepreneurs and art facilitators for people with poor mental health. They want to see if there is something new, or more substantial, they can do in their area of work.

It may be that the way to resolve anxiety is to create contexts of deep joy. It could also be that by focusing on the micro scale we set up waves of deeper change. I’m tired of working it all out. I know that this is something I can do. And if you’d like to join me in 26 May – 2 June, it is something that you can do too.

The vital statistics are all here and translated into facebookerese here.

The Myth Week is for a very specific kind of person who we need to gather from some very odd corners. You can help us out by forwarding this email to someone you care about. You might just make their year.

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