INDABA means an invitation:

  • to take the essential in mind and to remind each other about the future, that can grow between us and in relation to the world
  • to give ourselves fully to a process of creativity  and art, so that a group dynamic can evolve
  • to  build courage and hope as powerful ground for shared and individual initiative

Contents of the week:

The art of INDABA demands certain capacities in order to be fruitful. To discover these abilities and to make them grow is one main goal of our international training week for young people. During the process there can be build a degree of awareness, in which the social field of the community can become source of a sustainable way of change in which each one can find his own way to awake his highest potential.

But we need not only take care of the individual way. The art of INDABA is also trying to build a relation to the world. To the future of the world. Our common future.

In this world we are confronted with separation. A separation between individuals, communities and cultures. That regards openly visible borders, built by countries, rivers and seas, but also historic traumas and injuries, as we find them in Germany and Gambia, but also in relation between both of these cultures.

Out of this reality INDABA invites us to discover our own ability to build bridges.

A learning process that needs  some courage – because the way will lead us from a save ground above an abyss. Step by step we dare to give us to the uncertain and through it we are leaving behind us all certainty. We learn to go from the given to the un-given. Into a future that will be shaped by all of us together.
But what is there in us that can overcome separation? Is there a part in us that already embraces unity? Isn’t there also something that doesn’t accept change? And that doesn’t want to overcome separation? And what is happening, if we are willing to make both parts transparent to the others? Which potential can evolve, if we create out of our wounds of separation a common future?
To learn to go this way means, that we need to work on our talent to observe, that we need to learn to intensify our presence and continue to hold it and also to start to trust in an understanding that will rise upon a usual state of being. INDABA